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Submissions are strictly open to students enrolled at RCSI via the Moodle page (here).

All submissions have to adhere to our submission terms and conditions. By submitting your article we assume you have read and agree to our conditions.

We accept subjective, objective, informative and reflective articles which could be entertaining, hilarious or serious. We want to use this as platform for creativity and publish articles in a fun and neutral platform. We accept poetry, art and photography. Help us keep our Student News and Societies section updated by getting in touch with us regarding stories to cover,

We look for articles that

  1. That are  a form of creative writing/expressive outlet of new ideas for students.
  2. Encourage staff and student interaction.
  3. Make students more aware of non-academia components of RCSI and student life out of RCSI.
  4. Highlight and shed light on topics that students might find relevant, interesting, useful and
  5. shareable.
  6. Easy/ quick read articles and user friendly formatting and accessibility.
  7. Topics which may be relevant to readers out of RCSI.
  8. Help make the course more interesting and engaging for students.
  9. Encourage future involvement and engage more submissions.

They may fit into our existing sections be it eg. your review on a book for entertainment, an easy DIY recipe for a college student budget for Student Life or reflective upon your experience conducting summer research for our Education section etc. Think your article may not fit into our sections? We have a section called Off the Shelf, featuring articles which may not tick any of the boxes.

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Deadlines and publication dates for 2014 can be found (here).