RCSI’s new student newspaper. First edition September 2014. DIVE into your passions at universITY.

1. Provide a creative writing / expressive outlet for students.
2. A bridge for staff and student interaction
3. Make students more aware of non-academia components of RCSI and student life out of RCSI
4. Highlight and shed light on topics that students might find relevant, interesting, useful and shareable.
5. Enable students to see articles written by and about peers and lecturers.
6. Easy/ quick read articles and user friendly formatting and accessibility.
7. Topics which may be relevant to readers out of RCSI
8. Allow student body to take control of components of magazine via polls, feedback.
9. Help make college more interesting and engaging for students
10. Encourage future involvement


DIVERCSITY is a new monthly student run publication by RCSI students. Our aim is that DIVERCSITY becomes a collaborative focal point for the RCSI community. You can follow us between print editions on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

DIVERCSITY aims to increase creativity and communication in RCSI and provide a professional and neutral platform for staff and students. We want to highlight and discuss the topics that matter, that interest, that entertain – while engaging and involving RCSI students wherever you are.